Will & Grace Fan Fiction
Perfect ...Just Perfect

When Stanley Walker begins to have a drinking problem, his actions towards Karen become severe. As his actions get worse, everyone becomes worried and speechless as to what they must do to get Karen away.

Written by Jesse Hall & Tiffany Groves


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SETTING: Karen's Bathroom, Early Morning

Karen stood in front of her large mirror inspecting the damage. Her husband had only recently started becoming violent towards her when he drank. She had so far been lucky enough to be able to cover her wounds from her friends, but this incident was worse than normal and as she looked at her reflection, she knew make-up would not cover the damage this time. She had a large bruise covering her right cheek bone and a cut near her mouth made by his ring; she also had a few bruised ribs and was finding it difficult to move around. She covered what she could and left for work.


Karen arrived at the office she occupied during the day, took a deep breath and entered.

"Hey honey! How you doing?" she asked with an energy
she didn't feel. Grace looked up at her momentarily.

"Youre early, what's going on?" Grace quickly asked.

"Nothing honey!" Grace looked up a second time and finally noticed Karen's face. "Oh my gosh, Karen, what happened?" Grace walked quickly to inspect her friend.

"I am fine honey, don't fuss!" She replied pushing Grace's arm away.

"What happened?" Grace asked, not pleased with Karen's answer.

"I walked into a door, I'll live"

Grace looked at her and nodded slightly, "Ok then" she said as she stepped back. Karen proceeded to attempt to sit at her desk. This movement causing her both great discomfort and pain. Karen winced and couldn't help but groan. Grace ran to her side and helped her sit.

"Jesus Kare, are you sure youre okay? What happened to your ribs?" she tried once again.

"I told you already"

"What? You walked in to a door? I am not buying that, Karen!"

"Well honey, you're going to have to buy it cause that's what happened!" Karen replied a little harsher then she planned. Just then Jack entered.

"Hey Kare bear.. hi Grace" He said as he focused his attention solely on Karen. "Oh my god Kare what happened?"

"Look nothing happened I bumped into a door, stop fussing!" She yelled as she lost control of her tears and rose to leave the room. "Grace I am taking the rest of the day off!" She then left, with out a reply. 

"You don't think..?" Grace started.

"Stan?" Jack finished.

"No, he wouldn't"

"Well I am going to find out" Jack nodded enthusiastically as he jumped up, clapped his hands and ran out of the room.


Karen thought Stan was gone for the day as she entered her home and walked towards her bedroom. Rosario was at the market; she didn't know where abouts of her other staff. When she got inside she entered her bathroom. She heard a noise and spun around to see Stan standing in the corner.

"Oh, honey, you scared me!" She exclaimed nervously.

Stan took a step forward; she could smell the alcohol instantly. "Who saw you?" He asked angrily.

"What do you mean?" Karen asked stepping back.

"Who saw your ugly face today?"

"No one, just Grace" She said quietly as she tried to step back again but found herself backed up against the sink.

Stan took another two steps forward and backhanded her across her already bruised face. She cried out as she spun and hit the sink, her lip now bleeding. "Please Stan, don't do this!" She sobbed quietly

Stan then hit her again, this time with all the force he could muster. Karen didn't have time to cry out; the impact sent her small body limp as she fell to the floor and this she didn't get up...

Stan looked at her and shrugged smugly as he walked out of the bathroom, down the stairs and out to find another bar.  Karen faded in and out of consciousness as her mind wandered from thought to thought. This is her life; this is what she made of herself. Tears came again as her mind drifted. she couldn't sob because it hurt too much, so she didn't move. She just lie there
as the tears came.


Jack knocked on Karen's front door, the knock caused it to open slightly. He stuck his head in and called out her name. "Kare, you here?" He didn't get a reply but knew if she was upstairs it was unlikely she would hear him. He entered her place and began walking up the stairs. "Karen!" He tried again. He noticed her bedroom door open as he lightly pushed it open. "Kare, you in here?" He heard a moan coming from the bathroom. "Karen, what are you..." He didn't get to finish his sentence; as he entered her bathroom, he
saw her crumpled form in the corner and ran to her. "Oh my gosh, Kare"

"Jackie." She moaned as she tried to lift her head. Karen began to cry as she wrapped her arms around Jack.

"Kare, sweetie what happened? Did Stan do this? We have to call a doctor?" He replied all at once.

"No, no doctor, I will have to explain what happened. Please, Jackie, no doctors" She pleaded with him."

"Ok, ok, hey just calm down. Youre going to be fine now" He replied softly and he hugged her to him.

"Kare, we have to get you up off the floor." Jack said as he moved her slightly back in his arms. "Can you get up?"

"Yeah honey..." She tried to stand but the pain was too much and she fell into Jack.

"Whoa!" He replied as he caught her. With one quick motion he lifted her body into his arms and carried her to her bed. He laid her down and went to find a washer and some ice.  When he returned her eyes were closed, he moved towards the bed and they opened. She looked him in the eyes and began to cry again, "Im so sorry, Jackie"

"Hey, no..you have nothing to apologize for" He said as he wiped a piece of her hair from her eyes. Jack didn't really know what to say as he had never seen Karen like this. "Here sweetie, I've got you some ice, I want you put it on your ribs". He placed them near her side and she flinched. "I know it hurts but we have to get the swelling done." I am going to get come water to clean up your face okay?" She nodded in reply.

Jack walk downstairs and picked up the phone. He needed to call Grace and let her know what had happened. "Grace, it's Jack"

"Did you find Karen? Is she ok?"

"Yeah I found her, but no she isn't ok. It was Stan! And he hurt her again, Grace. She won't let me call a doctor and I don't know what to do!"

"Jack, just calm down, I'll be right over"

Jack hung up the phone and got a small bucket of cold water and took it back up to her. He placed the bucket beside her and dipped the washer in it. They didn't say anything as he gently washed the blood from her lip and chin. Jack looked at her beautiful face, her eyes were closed and he had never seen her look so vulnerable. A couple of minutes later she was cleaned up they best he could do and Grace came running in.

"I'm here, oh god Karen!" She gasped as she ran to her friend. She went to hug her but noticed the ice.
"Karen, how are you feeling? What happened?"

Karen looked at her friend and didn't really know how to reply. "Don't worry honey, I am ok!" She said, with a lot more confidence then she was feeling.

"We really should get you to a doctor!"

"No, no I said no doctor, please no!" Karen pleaded with her.

"Hey, honey, its ok. No doctor, I promise." Grace replied as she touched Karen's face softly. "Look I know I am no nurse but I think we should have a look at your ribs" Grace said as she looked at Jack for reassurance.

"Yeah!" Was his only reply.

Karen looked at them both and removed the ice from her waist and lifted her shirt. Jack looked at her side as tears filled his own eyes and then looked at Karen. Grace looked at her also. Karen's soft pale skin was now covered with purple and blue bruises, a lump had risen and was now red from the ice. No one knew what to say...


"What am I going to do?" asked Karen, worried.


"Its going to be okay, Kare, I promise" Jack replied, trying to sound secure about what he had just said.


"Yeah, we arent going to let anything happen to you, Karen" added Grace, also trying to reassure Karen as well as herself and Jack that they could get through this. The only problem was how and what to do.


Jack and Grace knew they couldnt let Karen stay alone in the same house with Stan for another second. So not to startle or worry Karen, the two stepped outside her bedroom door.


"Grace, what are we going to do? We've got to stop him! He's going to kill her if we dont get her out of here! I cant stand to see her this way! Grace?! Grace, say something!" retorted Jack.


"Jack, Jack, its Stan," said Grace shakily.


As Jack turned around, sure enough there was Stanley Walker right behind him.


"Get out! Stan screamed.


"No, you aren't going to put another hand on Karen! We know what you did to her and its never going to happen again!" Jack screamed back.


Stan pushed Jack out of the way and then headed towards Grace. "Leave, now!" he screamed.  Neither wanted to go because they knew Karen would be punished for the two of them knowing what was going on. Yet they knew they had no chance against Stan. They rushed out the doors and straight to Will & Graces apartment to get help from Will since Karen absolutely refused to let them go to the police.


Back in Karen's room, she lie there in the bed reassuring herself that what Jack and Grace had been telling her was true. As the door opened she looked up, "Jackie? Grace?" Yet when she saw who was on the other side, terror ran through her body. "Oh, Stanley, hi sweetie" Karen muttered nervously.


"How dare you!" screamed Stan. "Get up! Get over here" he continued.


"But Stan I - I cant move. Please dont hurt me. I promise I will do anything you ask just please leave me alone." Karen begged.


"I asked you to come over here; now get up!" he said cold-heartedly.


Though it gave her immense pain to so much as move a muscle, Karen somehow managed to pull herself out of bed and walk over to Stan, for she knew the alternative would be much worse if she had just lie there.

She slowly stepped over to Stan with tears now forming in her eyes. Her body was shaking from head to toe and her teeth were now chattering.


"I told you never to let anyone see this! And now you decide to let the whole world know by inviting them in?? I dont think so!" Stan shouted grabbing Karen by the arm.


"No, Stan! Please" pleaded Karen.


With the only strength she had left, Karen pulled away from Stan and ran out the bedroom door. Stan quickly followed and chased Karen down the steps to the bottom floor where the lobby in the mansion was. By now he had caught up with her and had grabbed her by her hair and pulled her to a stop.


"Please dont, Stan. I am so sorry, I promise they dont know a thing, I told them I just fell down the stairs" Karen tried to lie.


But her lies were no good. He knew the truth and the more she tried to plead with him, the more infuriated he became. As he drew back to hit her across the face, he let go of her hair, giving her yet another chance to pull free from him. She ran as fast as she could to the front door and out into the streets where she knew Stan wouldnt dare touch her due to too many passing pedestrian.


Karen quickly headed for Will & Graces apartment where they all sat worried about Karen and trying to think of a way to get her out of this horrible situation. Just then the door swung open and in walked the battered and bruised Karen.


"Oh my gosh, Karen!" said Grace, shocked to see her.


"Karen! How did you? Wha?" Will started to ask right before Karen cut him off.


"You've got to keep him away from me. Please, dont let him get near me!" Karen interrupted.


Jack ran over to her and slowly walked her over to the couch. "Its okay, Karen. You're never going to have to deal with that man again."


They sat there as he held Karen close and let her cry on his shoulder. Everyone was still in disbelief that the Walkers' marriage had turned out this way. Grace joined the two on the couch telling Karen how sorry she was and that she could stay with Will and herself so that she wouldnt have to face Stan again. Shortly after, Will joined the three of them as they all sat together, each worried about what was really going to happen.


Since she hadnt had much sleep for the past two weeks, Karen was soon unconscious, still lying in Jacks arms. He turned to face Will and Grace, realizing they were just as worried as himself.


"What are we going to do?" he asked.


"I dont know," Will replied, "I think we should tell the police, regardless if Karen wants us to or not. We really have no other choice."


"I think we should, too" Grace agreed, "I mean, what else can we do?"


"I guess you guys are right. But lets at least tell Karen before we do it, okay? I know she wont like the idea but, I want her to know." Jack insisted.


"Okay, so first thing tomorrow morning we will go to the police. We will all get a good nights rest and then after telling Karen, we will confront the police about this." Will explained.


With that, Will stood up, followed by Grace, and then Jack who held Karen in his arms. Jack asked if, for tonight, he could sleep in Graces bed with Karen just so he could know for sure she was safe through the night. Will and Grace both agreed and entered into Will's room.


The night was peaceful. Not a sound could be heard as everyone lie peacefully asleep until suddenly, someone grabbed Jacks arm.


"Who? Get away!" he screamed, fearing it could have been Stan.


"Shhh, its just me," Rosario.


Jack turned on the lamp to make sure it really was her. "Oh, I'm sorry I thought you were someone else, how did you get in??" he asked.


"Extra key. Oh no, no, not miss Karen. What has he done to her? "Rosario asked, upset.


"She's going to be okay. She's safe now. How did you know?" Jack questioned her.


"Well when she wasn't in her room I figured something had happened. I saw him hit her the other night after he had gone out drinking. I tried to stop him but it was no use. He just continued to batter her." Rosario replied. "He told me if I told anyone he would kill me. I can't believe this has happened, I should have told"


"Its okay, Rosie. Listen, were going to the police tomorrow morning. Try and get some sleep, okay? You can sleep on the couch or in my apartment, your choice." Jack comforted her.


Rosario did as Jack said and before they knew it, the morning sun had now rose high into the sky. When Karen woke up, Jack was right by her side, gently brushing her face with his hand. With a smile on her face she softly said, "Hi poodle."


After Jack had a small talk with Karen about going to the police, she finally agreed it was for the best. The gang prepared to leave for the police station including Rosario. Once they arrived, they were taken to a small, private room. While listening to Jack report to the police what had been going on, Karen began to feel like she was betraying Stan. Although he had treated her so badly, she still loved him. As they began to question her of her husbands behavior, she quickly said softly and emotionally, "I can't do this and ran out of the room." Jack quickly followed, while the police moved forward into questioning Rosario.     


"Karen, what are you doing?" Jack asked, confused.


"I can't do this, Jack. I love that man with all my heart. He is my whole life. To betray him like that, I just cant do it" she quickly answered.


"But Kare, you cant let him treat you like that. You can not live that way. Now either you go in there and tell the police the whole truth and nothing but the truth or I will do it for you!" Jack demanded.


They walked back into the private room and Karen then poured her heart out and told the police her heart breaking story. Once the police had the information they needed, they sent the gang back home and told them Stanley Walker would indeed be in their hands by night.


By 6 P.M. a policeman had came to Will and Graces apartment to get Karen and the rest of the gang to go to the penthouse with them. As Karen, Jack, Will, Grace, and Rosario stood outside the doors, the police went in and brought Stan back out in handcuffs. The sight of her husband again being sent to prison broke Karen's heart, especially knowing this time she was the reason or so she felt. Jack could sense that she was upset, seeing the tears starting to form in her eyes.


"Im so sorry, Stanley." She said, beginning to break down into tears.


Jack quickly reached over and pulled her into his arms, holding her as tight as he could. "Its okay, Kare, its okay."


Scene Fades.