Will & Grace Fan Fiction
Momma's Little Girl

Karen's long-lost daughter pays her a visit and soon moves in. But how long will it be before their happiness is taken away?
Written by Jesse Hall


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Karen Walker was seated at the desk she occupied during the day. Her friend and colleague was working quietly at the desk across from her. The phone rang and they both looked at each other.

"Ummm Kare, are you going to get that?" Grace asked as she watched her friend file her nails.

"Hello!" Karen said hesitantly into the phone.

She looked shocked for a brief second, until she looked up and noticed Grace watching her.

"Umm no I am sorry but she's not here at the moment, can I get your number and get her to call you back?." Karen whispered and took down the number.. quickly hung up the phone and looked at Grace.

"Honey I am just going out for a while."

"Who was on the phone?"

"No one, it was a wrong number" Karen replied quickly as she exited the office in a hurry.


Karen entered her penthouse apartment and ran up the stairs. She grabbed the phone and walked into her large wardrobe. She dialed the number and waited


"Umm hi, is Megan there please?"

"Yeah, speaking."

"Oh, hi this is Karen Walker.." Karen paused for a moment. "You called me today?" She asked.

"Yeah.do you know who I am?"

"Yes of course I do"

"Dad's dead!" She said with no emotion.

"How did you find me?"

"You had a return address on the envelope of one of the checks you sent"

"Oh I see..."

"Can I see you?" She asked quietly.

"Oh honey, ummm.."

"Please!" She begged as her voice began to break.


"Whenever you can."

Karen waited nervously at her desk, Grace wasn't due back for a few hours and Megan was on her way.. It had been 10 yrs since she had seen her daughter, her first husband had fought for custody due to her drinking
problem and had won. Karen had sent money for her ever week, but wasn't allowed visiting rights. She was 4 years old the last time she saw her.. A beautiful child with brown curly hair and big brown eyes. It took Karen years to get over the fact that she had lost her one and only child..and now 10 years later she was awaiting her arrival.

There was a slight knock at the door and a small girl entered. Karen stood and the both of them looked at each other.neither knowing what to do. Karen looked at her and smiled. she was still beautiful, her hair a lot longer, but the curl was still in it..her eyes exactly the way she remembered. She was a petite girl standing about 5'2. She looked remarkably like her mother.

Tears came to Karen's eyes as she walked to the girl and they hugged. Karen not wanting to ever let her go. "Oh god I missed you so much!" She cried into her daughters shoulder. "You're so beautiful!"

They pulled back and looked at each other again. "I missed you too!" Megan replied.

"I am so sorry about your dad" She said as she wiped away her tears.

"Thanks" She replied.

Both of them were still hesitant as to what to do next...

"Honey, do you need a place to live? I would love it if you would come and stay with me."

"I would love that, very much...mom"

Karen looked up at the sound of that word, she smiled and hugged her again.

Grace was back early as she entered to see Karen hugging a small girl.

"Hey Kare."

Karen backed away and looked at her friend, keeping her hand entwined with her daughters.

"Grace I want you to meet someone...Megan this is my friend Grace Adler... Grace this is Megan."

"Nice to meet you Megan" She said as she shook the girls hand..still unsure of who the girl was.

"Nice to meet you too!"

"Grace...Megan is my daughter" Karen said as she smiled at Megan.

Grace looked at her stunned. "Your what?"

"My daughter!"

"Your kidding?"

"Afraid not!" Megan replied

"Wow, well.I mean I don't know what to say.I didn't know you had a daughter" Grace said noticing how much the two looked alike.

"I am from her first marriage" Megan replied. "My dad just died and Judge said I am old enough to decide whether or not I want to live with my mom, or a foster home."

"Wow, that's so great you guys" Grace said as she hugged them both..still a little shocked but unsure of what else to say.

Just then Jack ran in. "Hey Kare..Grace!"

"Hey poodle.." Karen replied lovingly.

"Jack!" Grace replied.

"Honey, I want you to meet Megan."

"Well hello there..wow Kare she's gorgeous. where'd you get her?"

"Jackie..this is Megan...Megan Williams"

Jack stopped and turned to look at the girl...

"Oh my god..your Kare's daughter.I should have guessed, you too look so much alike...I am Karen's best friend, Jack McFarland. Its so good to meet you!"

"Hang on, you know about her?" Grace asked surprised.

"Of course I do" Jack said as he looked at her as if she had lost her mind.

"Kare, lets take her out too lunch.. I am hungry!"

"You hungry honey?" She asked her daughter, their hands still together.

"Sure, I guess."

"K. we'll be back later...no wait honey. I will see you tomorrow."

And with that Jack, Karen and Megan exited the office, leaving Grace still stunned.


Will and Grace were seated at Grace's desk..Will taking the morning off work to see Megan with his own eyes. Karen entered with Megan in tow.

"Hey Grace, hey Wilma."

"Hey Kare."

"Megan, honey I want you to meet Will."



"Honey, I just come to say that I need the day off. we are moving Megans stuff in and we have a tour of her new school"

"That's fine.oh, if you want you're welcome to come over for dinner tonight?"

"Sure honey, that would be nice!"

With that the two left.

"Wow, they look so much a like...it's freaky, did I understand correctly? Karen is having a tour of a school...like with children?" 

"I know.it's amazing, its been one day and Megan's got her acting like a human being."

"Well I never would have guessed it"

"I think this could be the best thing that could have happened to Karen."

Will looked at her and replied, "I agree!"


The phone rang, startling Grace out of her concentration.

"Grace Adler Designs"

"Grace oh my god, Karen's been in an accident, I am at the hospital. Kare and Megan are both in surgery..oh god Grace what if she dies?" Jack pleaded into the phone.

"Jack, just hold on. I will be there as soon as I can." With that she ran from the office and made her way to the hospital.


Grace ran in and saw Jack pacing the floor with teas in his eyes and Will sitting motionless in the seat in front of her.

"Oh guys, I got here as soon as I could. Has there been any news?" Grace asked hurriedly as she sat next to Will and put her arm around him.

Jack looked at her, "Megan's dead!"

"What?!" Grace said shocked.

"She's dead.." Jacks voice broke as he looked at her and sobbed. Grace rose and hugged him to her. "What about Kare?"

"She's still in surgery" Will said, making his first movement since she arrived.

"Grace. How am I going to tell Kare? She loved her so much!" Jack asked still crying.


The three of them were huddled on the waiting room chair, motionless and in a state of shock. Karen was going to be distraught when she found out about Megan and none of them knew what they were going to say. The doctor then emerged from behind the doors and walked towards them, Will and Grace jumped up to meet him as Jack stayed seated. Praying that his best friend was all right.

"How is she?" Grace said first.

"She is in ICU, she lost a lot of blood. At the moment she is in a coma, we had to patch up a punctured lung and a few broken ribs."

"Is she going to be ok?" Jack asked quietly, still seated.

"It will be touch and go for a little while, but if she makes it through the next 24 hrs she should be ok. It's really hard to tell right now."

"Can we see her?" Will asked.

"Sure, but only for a short time."

"Oh and doctor.. Does she know about her daughter?" Jack added.

"No, she doesn't and I would have to say that the longer you can keep her from finding out the better. She needs all the rest and relaxation she can get
right now. If she becomes upset or stressed it can hinder the recovery process."

The three of them walked into the ICU and opened the door to Karen's room, they all stopped. Jack walked slowly to her, his eyes filling with tears again. He
sat down next to her and reached for her hand, "Hey Kare!" He said softly. She was as pale as a ghost and looked so tiny.she had stitches on her head from the glass and a tube to help her breathe. "We're all here for you sweetie." He added as he kissed her hand.

Will and Grace approached the bed as Grace took her other hand, "Everything is going to be fine, honey!" She mumbled as she began to cry herself.


They were all told that there was to be only one visitor at a time, they had decided that Jack could take the first sitting. Will and Grace were seated in
the waiting room, drinking coffee. neither talking.


Grace rolled over and realized that she wasn't in bed at home, she opened her eyes and noticed Will asleep on the other couch. It then hit her again where they were, and why they were there. She stood up and Will awoke, both looking at each other.

"Where's Jack?" Grace asked.

"I couldn't get him to leave her side last night, he is still in there."

They both got up and walked into Karen's room. What they saw brought tears to their eyes, Jack was in the bed beside Karen. His arm was under her head and his head was next t her face, as if he was kissing her cheek. They walked over and woke him gently.

"Jack!" Grace tried as she nudged him.

"Hmmm." Jack mumbled distractedly He looked at his friend next to him, kissed her cheek and sat up.

"Jack you need to eat something, go home and have a shower and we will call if anything changes." Will said as he tried to lead Jack out of the room. "Come
one, I will take u home, Grace can stay."
"No I want to be here if she wakes up!" Jack said.

"You need a break, I am here and I promise I will call if anything changes" Grace replied.

"OK, but we are coming straight back!" Jack said to Will.

"OK, I promise to bring you straight back."

Will and Jack left the room and Grace sat next to Karen's bed and took her hand.

"Hey sweetie, we miss you! You need to open your eyes honey. We need you, Jack needs you. He is a wreck, we just need you to open those beautiful eyes of yours." Grace tried hopefully. "We are all here and we aren't
going anywhere."


Jack was back and seated beside her and Will had taken Grace to buy some food for the three of them. Jack was singing softly to her as he felt her squeeze his hand. He looked up and noticed that she was trying to open her eyes. "Jackie..." She mumbled.

"Hey sweetie, I am right here.. Hey honey!" He said tears off happiness sprung to his eyes. "I just need to get a doctor, I will be right back."

"No Jackie, don't leave me. Where am I, what happened? Where's Megan? Is she ok?" She asked, getting worked up.

"Kare its ok, everything is going to be fine but you need to calm down." He said as he kissed her head and ran for a doctor.

The Nurse entered and made Jack wait outside, as he was waiting Will and Grace showed up.

"Has something happened?"

"Is she ok?" They both said worriedly.

"Yeah she's woken up, the nurse is in there with her now."

The nurse came out and as the door opened they heard the hysterical cries of Karen. "No, oh god no!!!" She yelled.

"What's happened? What did you say to her?" Jack yelled at the nurse as he ran in to her.

"I didn't know she hadn't heard about her daughter, I am so sorry."

"What do you mean you didn't know? She's been in a coma you moron." Jack screamed as Will and Grace tried to calm him down.

Jack ran to Karen and held her to him. "I am so sorry Kare, I am so sorry." He said over and over as he cried with her.

"No, god no; not Megan, this shouln't have happened. It should have been me instead. this is all my fault." Karen cried as Will and Grace entered and sat next to them, both crying also. Grace put her arm around Karen also and the three of them cried together.

"Don't say that. it isn't your fault." Jack tried to soothe her, but it was no good.


Karen was so exhausted she fell asleep in the arms of Grace and Jack. They laid her down and the three of them walked out into the hall.

"God, I hate seeing her like this" Grace said.

"I know, she's a wreck." Will added.

"Poor Kare. god I love her so much, I wish this was happening to me and not her.I can't handle seeing her so upset."

"There's nothing we can do but be there for her, try and help her get through this." Grace added.

"It's just not fair." Jack replied as he walked back in the room and sat next to her.


Jack awoke to the sound of Karen crying, he got up from the chair and laid down next to her. Her back to his stomach as he put his arms around her. Neither of them spoke for a while as he held her. Her sobbing subsided a little after a few minutes.

"Kare, I love you" Jack said as he kissed her head. "I wish there is something I could do to take away your pain. I am so sorry for what has happened." He
whispered to her.

"I know poodle." She said as she rolled around to face him. They were now face to face, inches apart. Jack kept his arms around her, as he lent in and kissed her mouth. They both new the kiss was support from her best friend, nothing sexual. Karen kissed him back asa tear rolled down her face. "I miss her so much!" She said as Jack pulled her into a hug.

"I know you do honey." He replied as they stayed like this for a long time.


Karen had been released from the hospital and was staying with Will and Grace, Jack had pretty much moved in also. Grace moving into Will's room and Jack and Karen taking Grace's bed. They were all worried about her, she wasn't sleeping or eating, she had lost too much weight. She just laid in the bed and stared.

"Karen honey you have to get up and eat something." Grace tried for the 3rd time that morning.

"I said I am not hungry." Karen replied numbly.

"Kare, you're going to get sick if you don't eat anything. You haven't eaten a proper meal in a week."

"How can I eat, knowing she will never eat with me again. Knowing that I will never see her face, or hear her laugh. This wasn't supposed to happen, it should have been me. I am meant to die first, I am the mother."

Grace hugged her, "I know sweetie."

Karen pulled back, "You have no idea what it's like, don't tell me you do because YOU DON'T!" Karen yelled as she rolled over.

Grace left her and walked back out into the lounge. "I don't know what to do any more!" She said to Will and Jack. "She has to get up and eat something or else she is going to get sick." She added.
"I know, but we can't force her." Jack said. "Let me give it another shot." He finished as he walked into the bedroom, he had been sharing with his friend.

"Kare, sweetie! I have made you some breakfast and I think you should have some." He said cautiously, as he sat on the edge of her bed.

"Jackie, I can't. I just can't"

"Kare I know this is hard, but do you really think this is what Megan would have wanted? For you to stop living your life? She loved you Karen, just like we do and she would want you to be happy." Jack said.

Karen turned around and faced him. "I miss her."

"I know you do, but you need to get up! You need to get up, eat something, have a shower and live your life. You don't ever have to stop loving her and you will never stop missing her, but you have to deal with life without her."

Karen sat up and looked him in the eye. "I know I do poodle, it's just so hard."

"Yeah I know." He replied as they hugged. She stood up and walked slowly towards the shower, she then stopped and turned.

"Thank you honey..I love you too!" She said as she walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

Once she had finished in the shower she dressed herself casually in a pair of Graces jeans and a sweater. She noticed how much weight she had lost, she
then walked into the lounge room and stopped. Her three best friends we all waiting for her.

"Hey guys." She said hesitantly.

They stood and one at a time gave her a hug, Jack noticing for the first time how tiny and thin she had become. "You need to eat!" he said with a force he
didn't feel.

The three of them sat down in silence and ate breakfast. Jack new this wasn't it, that Karen wasn't cured of her depression and sadness. Although he did
know that this was a step in the right direction. Karen was going to be alright, and therefore he was going to be alright... They would get through this