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Jesse's Jack Story

Another twist to "Jack's Story"
Written by Jesse Hall


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2:20am Jacks apartment
 The silence was deafening as Jack lay wide awake in his bed. He glanced at his clock for what seemed like the 20th time that night and read it to be 2:21 A.M. He didn't know what was wrong with him; he was so tired yet lately he just couldn't sleep. He rolled over, sighed and closed his eyes, for one last attempt.
Jack coughed as he bolted up right, he would feel something trickle down the back of his throat. He turned hi light on and noticed blood on his pillow... he had a bad nose bleed and his headache was back full force. He slowly got up, made his way, and changed the cover on his pillow. He decided maybe it was time to visit the doctor.
Jack had just returned home; the doctor had ordered some tests so he had spent most of the day at the hospital. He still couldn't believe what the scans
showed......in the doctors terms it was a mass in the front of his brain. It was not yet determined if the mass was cancerous, but the thought weighed on his
spirit as he sat awaiting the arrival of his best friend. He knew he had to tell her as soon as possible.
His door bell rang as he glanced nervously at his watch, not expecting her so soon. He opened it to reveal the smiling face of Karen Walker.
"Hey poodle!, I came as soon as you called" She said as she entered his apartment.
"Hey Kare" He replied in a tone a lot more cheerful than he actually felt.
She sat down and looked up at him, "Whats up honey?" She asked smiling.
Jack sat down next to her, closer then he normally would... but he needed her closeness to get through this. "Kare, I need to tell you something".
"What is it honey?"
Jack took one of her hands in his and looked her in the eye. "I might be sick!" He said quickly before he chickened out.
"You might be sick?.... What do you mean honey?" She replied a little confused.
"I had some tests done today and they found a mass in my brain" He watched the cheerfulness along with the color drain from her face.
"You, you have cancer?" She stuttered, her eyes filling with tears.
"No Kare, it might not be cancer... all I know is that there is a mass. I don't get the results back for two days."
"Oh honey, I am so sorry.... whatever happens we'll get through this together... we can get you the best doctors and care available" She said trying to sound
Jack looked at her and his eyes filled with tears. "Oh God Kare, I really don't want to die!" He sobbed into her shoulder.

Karen put her arms around him and they both cried until they were exhausted. Jack had drifted to sleep in Karen's arms; she couldn't move without waking
him so she laid her head back and they both fell asleep on the couch.

Jack and Karen hadn't left each others side since Karen was told about the growth. Will and Grace both noticed the unusual amount of quietness that had over come their lives. The over the top, cheerful pair they had grown to love had lost all their spirit.

"What is with you two?" Will asked looking over at Jack and Karen, who were sitting quietly on Will's couch. Jack with his arm around Karen's shoulders.

"Nothing honey, we're fine!" Karen exclaimed as she smiled and glanced at Jack.

She and Jack were nervous as they were waiting from the call from the doctor to say the tests had arrived.

"You don't seem fine, you haven't been yourselves for days."

"Look Will, she said we're fine.. Can you just drop it!" Jack replied, harsher then her intended.

"Ok then .sorry." He mumbled in reply as he went back to making dinner.

After a moment the shrill sounds of Karen's cell phone broke the silence, she grabbed for it quickly and handed it to Jack.

"Hello!" He said hesitantly.


Jack and Karen were seated next to each other in font of the doctor. Karen had one of his hands in both of her own.

"So what do we have doc?" Jack asked nervously, trying to sound normal.

"I am afraid the mass is malignant."

"Malignant? What does that mean?" Karen asked anxiously.

"I am afraid it meant that Jack's tumor, is cancerous. And that he is going to require surgery and a dose of Chemotherapy."

Jack's eyes filled with tears as he looked over and saw Karen's expression. She was motionless and paler then normal, tears fell from her eyes as she blinked. "Oh god no!" She cried as she Jack kneeled in front of her and they held each other. After a moment Jack sat back down next to her but never let go of her hand.

"Ok so what first?"

"Well we would like to admit you as soon as we can."

Jack nodded and looked again to Karen. "I can stay now if you think that's best?" Jack asked.

"We can admit you right away."

"OK, Kare, honey I need you to bring me some things and I also need you to tell Will and Grace."

Karen nodded in reply and squeezed his hand, she then got up with out a word and left the room.


Karen was packing Jack's things into a bag when she came across a large black book, she sat on the corner of his bed and opened it. It was a beautifully
decorated photo album, on the first page was a photo of her and Jack, from his birthday party. They were both laughing at something, and she was seated in his lap. They both looked so happy; she turned the pages
and noticed that all the pictures had her in them. She was always there..they were always together, every special moment and event in recent history was shared. She realized she couldn't lose him, she couldn't live without him; her eyes filled with tears as a sudden fit of anger and rage rose from her. She got up and threw the album , kicking the side table, smashing the lamp. She then cried as she crumpled to the floor, her body convulsing as she sobbed like she had never before. She didn't hear Will and Grace running into the apartment, they rounded the corner and stopped, shocked at what they found.

"Oh my god, Karen what's wrong?" Grace asked as she knelt in front of her friend. She didn't know what to do, her friend had never been one to show emotion.

Karen was too upset to reply, so she just latched on to Grace and sobbed. Grace held her friend and tried to comfort her the best she could. Will knelt down also, not knowing what to do.

"Is it Jack? Is he ok?" He asked, realizing that he was the only one who could bring Karen to this level of hysteria.

Karen looked up at her friends and loosened her grip on Grace. She took a big breath, "He is sick...he has cancer!" She said shakily and she broke down again.
"Oh no.." Grace mumbled as she held her friend again.


Karen had been quiet the whole trip to the hospital, she had calmed down enough to tell them the whole story, then she had packed his bag quietly and made her way to the car. She hadn't spoken since they left.
They all made their way inside and walked to the front desk. They asked for Jack's room number and walked towards it. As they got to the door Karen
stopped. "I can't go in there!" She said quietly.

"Of course you can, sweetie. Jack needs you!" Grace said comfortingly as she put her arm around her.

"We'll go in together." Will said as he took her hand.

They opened the door and entered together... Karen's stomach tightened when she saw the sight of her Jackie laying in a hospital bed.

"Hey girls!" Jack said, trying to seem cheerful.

"Hey Jack.." Will said, none of them knowing what to say.

Grace and Will walked to the chairs and sat down, leaving Karen standing in the door way. Jack looked at her, "Come here!" He said affectionately. Tears came to her eyes as she walked over and embraced him. She then sat next to him on the bed and put her head on the pillow next to his.

"When's the surgery?" She asked quietly.

"Tomorrow afternoon."


Karen had fallen asleep in the bed with Jack, Grace pulled the blanket over both of them and shook her head. Their relationship had always amazed her, as she looked at them now, Jack spooning Karen from behind, both looking so innocent and small, she prayed that Jack was going to be ok. Will had gone to get coffee and after covering Jack and Karen she went into the hall to find him.


Karen felt movement beside her and opened her eyes, it took her a moment to remember where she was and why she was there. She rolled over and looked at her friend.

Jack's body straightened as he began to convulse, his arms flailing as his body jumped around. Karen shot up from the bed and tried to hold him steady.

She screamed, "NURSE!!..oh god Jackie, hang in there. Please hold on." She sobbed as she ran for the doctor.

She ran out into the hall and screamed again for anyone. The doctor came running followed by Will and Grace. She ran back into Jacks room, "Help him for gods sake, HELP HIM!" She screamed at the doctor and a nurse entered as well.

"Miss your going to have to step outside." The nurse said as she went to Jack.

Karen held on to Jack's hand, the doctor and nurse holding him down tightly. "DON'T!" Karen yelled "You're hurting him!!"

"Miss please wait outside." The nurse tried again more sternly. Karen wouldn't budge.

"Look we need to get you all outside, okay?" the doctor said to Will.

Will nodded and went over to Karen, "We've got to go." He said calmly as he held her arm lightly.

"NO! I'M NOT LEAVING HIM!" She screamed at Will. Grace ran over and took Karen's other arm.

"Come on sweetie, they need space." They both pulled a hysterical Karen out of the room.

"No don't, please don't!" Karen cried as she tried to hold onto Jacks hand. Will got her out the door as Grace shut it. Karen struggled out of Will's arms and went for the door handle, Grace grabbed her arm and held her close. Karen struggled against her for a moment and then collapsed. She sobbed loudly as Grace held her tight.

"I can't loose him, oh god no!" she cried into Grace's shoulder.

"I know honey, he's going to be okay, he's strong." Grace replied trying to comfort her. All three were crying when the door opened and the nurse and doctor wheeled Jacks' bed out quickly. They all stood up.

"What happening?" Will asked quickly.

"We need to get him into surgery immediately."

With that the Jack was taken in behind the large doors and the three of them were left standing in the hall.


Will was seated in the middle of a large couch in the waiting room, Karen was laying on his right with her head on his lap and Grace was on his left doing the
same. Both of the girls were exhausted and had fallen asleep.

The doctor emerged and Will gently woke them up, both sitting at looking at him slightly confused.

"The doctors out!"

Karen shot up quickly and walked to him, "Is he okay?" She asked hopefully.

The doctor smiled "We are pretty sure we got most of the tumor, if all goes well he should be fine."

Karen let go of the breath she was holding and smiled. She then did something out of character and hugged the surprised doctor. "Thank you so much" She said. He smiled in reply, "Can I see him?" She asked also.

"Sure you can, follow me!"

Karen looked back at Will and Grace and they walked over to her, "He's okay" She said smiling from ear to ear.

They all smiled and followed the doctor.


They entered with Karen in the lead, she walked over to the bed and took his hand.  "Jackie." She tried.

"He is in a form of induced coma at the moment, it will help with any stress on the brain." The doctor explained.

Karen looked at her best friend and smiled, her Jackie was going to be okay!! "I love you, Jack" She whispered as she kissed his forehead. "You're the best friend I have ever had and I love you!"

Will and Grace smiled at each other and sat next to the bed. They were going to get through this together!