Will & Grace Fan Fiction
Before Her Very Eyes

Karen discovers that she is pregnant. Yet when the big days comes and she is in labor, the whole gang gets some very shocking news.
Written by Jesse Hall & Tiffany Groves


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SETTING: Grace Adler Designs



And so the time had finally come. After waiting for what seemed days, which in reality was only 15 minutes, the stick would now either show as positive or negative.


"Okay, Kare, lets go" says Jack.


They each walked over to the table in the middle of the floor and picked up their pregnancy test. "So, um, if the stick is blue we're pregnant". Karen said as they each looked at their stick.


"Well, nothing doing on mine, what about yours?" Jack questioned.


"Uh, I think Im pregnant" Karen said nervously.


"Oh my gosh, Karen! Thats so great!" shouted the very excited Jack, hugging Karen. "Karens having a baby! Karens having a baby!" he began to sing.


"Yeah, great" Karen muttered in a soft voice while picking up the boxes to throw them into the waste basket.


"Karen, whats the matter?" asked Jack sensing she was upset.


"Oh, nothing, honey, I'm fine" she tried to tell him so to hide how she was really feeling. "Uh listen, go ahead and get Driver, I'll be out in a minute, okay?" Karen managed to say with a slight smile. But Jack could see right through everything she was trying to hide.


"Okay" he said. He began walking out the door but then turned back to "Karen, Dont hate me for this but.." and while giving her a hug, "I love you; everything is going to be okay." He said reassuringly. With this he walked out to get Driver and left Karen alone in Graces office. She quickly picked up the phone and called the person she thought should know first.


"Stan, hi honey, you need to go straight home. I need to talk to you. Yes, honey. Okay, bye." she said, then hung up the phone and gathered her things. Before walking out the door, she turned back around to pick up her test one more time to see if it really was blue. After realizing it was a reality and not a dream, she became absent minded thinking about what she had just discovered. "I'm pregnant" she whispered. "How am I going to tell Stan?" She let out a loud sigh and continued to walk out the door.


SETTING:   Walkers Penthouse


After taking Jack home, Driver took Karen back to the penthouse. She had arrived home later than usual, purposely trying to delay the inevitable. She worried the whole way home about how she was going to break the news to Stan. She feared that with his age, and the fact that he already had two children, he would not want another.

The mansion was quiet; the workers were doing their daily chores in the back of the house.  "Stanley?" she questioned as she walked into their bedroom. "Stanley, honey, are you in here?" She called uncertainly. She could hear muffled sounds coming from his office. As she entered through the office doors she asked, "Stan, sweetie, can I talk to you for a minute?"


She walked in and nervously sat down by him on a small couch he had in his office. She stuttered as her hands began to shake. "Theres, um, theres something I - I think you should know. I took a little test today and.." she stopped. The look on Stans face made fear run through her body. He knew what she was going to say and his face told Karen he wasnt very happy. She had thought about so many different ways to tell him yet figured the best would be to say it straight and forward. "I'm pregnant" she whispered feeling the tears now forming in her eyes.

"What?!" screamed Stan. Karen thought for sure he wouldnt want to keep the baby. She could now feel the teardrops starting to ease down her face. "Thats fantastic!" he continued.


"What?" Karen asked in relief.


"Thats great!" Stan said enthusiastically.


"Oh, Stan" she managed to get out through her tears and shaky voice. "Really?"


"Of course sweetheart, this is fantastic news".


Stan took her into his arms, comforting Karen and brushing the tears from her face, reassuring her he was more than happy about this baby.


SETTING:  Will and Graces Apartment


Will and Grace were going about their business, eating lunch at the table, when the door suddenly flies open.


"Jack, what...what are you doing?!" shouted Will.


"Oh my gosh you guys, you aren't going to believe what happened!" he replied with great excitement.


"What?" asked Grace, figuring Jack had met the love of his life once again.


"Its Karen, she's... okay wait until you hear this ... Karen's going to have a baby!" he said with a great smile.


"Oh my...." Grace said, clearly stunned.


Before Grace could finish, Karen walked through the doors. "Hi everyone." She said softly.


"Oh my gosh, Karen. Contratulations! I'm going to be an Aunt!" Grace screeched as she nearly toppled Karen over with her hug.


Wha? Whats this? Whats happening? Whats going on? she asked, not knowing Jack had already told them. She then realized what Grace was talking about. "Well actually honey, I was wondering if you and Will would consider being the baby's Godparents?" Will and Grace looked at each other and smiled...they both agreed enthusiastically.


"Awwww, thanks. You guys are the best!" she said smiling as she turned around and found a not so happy looking Jack. She smiled to herself knowing exactly why her friend was upset. "Something wrong poodle?" she asked him.


"No" he replied, not attempting to cover his over done depression.

"Oh by the way Jackie, this little one could use another Godparent, know of anyone?" she asked with a cute smirk on her face.


Jack grinned and hugged Karen "I love you Kare...You're the best!" He cried.


Karen pulled back and looked at her friends. She realized for the first time that she was happily content with her life. She didn't feel that she needed anything else in the world.


SETTING: Grace Adler Designs, 4 months later.


Now that everyone knew about Karen's pregnancy there was no longer anything left to hide; which in her case, was beginning to get a little difficult since she had already started to show. Karen walked through the doors and sat down at her desk. No sooner than she sat down she had to get up and run to the bathroom.


"Karen? Karen, are you okay?" Grace asked.


"You come in here and do the things I do every morning and tell me if you're okay" Karen replied.


Grace knew Karen didnt mean to be harsh. Since Karen had long ago had to give up drinking and her hundreds of different medications, she had been stressed out and the changes through pregnancy werent helping the problem at all.


"Im sorry, Grace" Karen said softly as she walked back out to her desk. "Grace, can I ask you something? I know we usually dont have any heart-to-heart conversations and if it werent for all of this happening, we probably wouldnt ever but.." Karen looked down at her stomach and back up to Grace, who could see the tears forming in Karen's eyes, "do you think I'm going to be a bad mother?" she asked.


"Awwww, Karen, no. You are going to be a great mother. I know this is all so new to you and that it may be difficult but sweetie, you are going to be the best mother anyone could ask for." Grace tried to reassure Karen.


"You really think so?" Karen asked with a smile.


"I know so" said Grace.


One Month Later


Another month had now passed and it was time for Karens check-up with the doctor once again. During the first few months of her pregnancy Karen often worried about these visits in fear that something would be wrong with the baby but since everything had been okay in the past, she was more comfortable going now. The doctor decided he should go ahead and tell Karen her pregnancy was what they call a high-risk pregnancy with her age. Though he knew it all along, he was afraid it would worry Karen too much; and at the time she was already stressed out enough.


"Wha? What does that mean?" she asked quickly, fearing the worse.


"Its really nothing, Mrs. Walker. Usually these babies turn out fine. Its always a risk though but dont worry, your baby is fine" he answered.


Karen assumed he was right. After all, he was the doctor. She promised herself not to let it worry her. Later that night she told Stan, who seemed to take the news very well and helped to assure Karen everything would be okay when she started to worry.


3 Month Later


After 8 and a half agonizing months of morning sickness, swelled feet, continuous bathroom visits, and mood swings the arrival of this baby was finally going to come.


Karen woke up on Tuesday morning and done as she always had. After getting what she had to do done at the mansion, she went to work as usual. When she arrived she knew the sharp pains she had felt on the way werent normally a part of her pregnancy. Yet she assumed this was just another fault that came along with being pregnant. As she walked through the door Grace could tell Karen was in pain.


"Karen, are you okay?" she asked, worried.


"Yeah, honey, Im fine. Ive been having these sharp pains in my stomach all day though. I guess it just goes along with being pregnant." She answered.


Grace continued her work while Karen flipped through a 600-page Vogue magazine. She was seated uncomfortably at her desk eating licorice and banana ice cream. For some reason that's what she craved. "Oh my!" she exclaimed. Grace ran over to her to make sure she was okay.


"What?? What happened?" Grace asked.


Karen took Graces hand and placed it on her stomach. She could feel the kicking of the small baby inside Karen. "Thats so sweet!" she smiled, returning back to her work.


Around fifteen minutes later, Karen started feeling a little exhausted. "Listen, Grace, I think Im going to go ahead and go home, Im a little tired" Karen said.


And though it was only 2 oclock, Grace insisted she go ahead. After all, 2 oclock was a record breaking time for Karen. On her way out the door Karen felt another sharp pain, worse than before. "Oh my gosh" she muttered emotionally. Grace could hear Karen; she ran to see if she was okay.


"What, what happened? Are you ok?" Grace asked nervously.


"Grace.. Grace, I think my water just broke" she whispered.


"Oh no, oh no, no, no. Not now, why now? Why me?" Grace said frantically. "Okay, so Ill call the hospital, then Stan, Will, and Jack."


Grace helped Karen back over to her seat where she sat very uncomfortably. Okay, were set said Grace.


She quickly rushed out to get Driver, who came in to help Grace walk Karen to the limo. When Karen got up, Grace could see blood. Grace looked at Karen with a shocking look across her face. Karen looked at Grace with tears in her eyes. "What?" she questioned Grace. Her contractions were now getting severe.


"Karen, um, I dont know how to put this but you are bleeding... really bad." She said.


Karen stopped and noticed what Grace had been talking about. "Oh my gosh," she said, now worried. "Grace this isn't supposed to be happening; not like this. It doesn't feel right" Karen said worriedly. "Oh, it hurts" She added beginning to cry.


Grace and Driver walked Karen to her limo. Grace sat in the back with Karen, trying to calm her down to the best of her ability as Driver rushed her to the hospital at the fastest pace he could. As they arrived, Stan, Will, and Jack were already there waiting. Stan rushed over to put Karen in his arms and take her into the hospital.


When they got inside, she was immediately taken to the delivery room. Stan, Will, Grace, and Jack were all right by her side. They could each tell she was in more pain than theyd ever known.


"I can't do this she muttered" softly between contractions.


"You can do this, sweetie, we're all here by your side to get you through this" Jack said.


Stan grasped her trembling hand and caressed her tears from her face.


After two painful hours of contractions, the doctor told Karen she could now begin to push. With one hand in Stans and the other pushing against the bed, she began to push. The pain was more intense than any other she had ever felt. After a number of pushes the doctor ordered Karen to stop.


"What? Why? Whats wrong?" Karen questioned, clearly scared.


"Its okay, Mrs. Walker, everything is fine" the doctor insisted.


Karen looked at "Stan, Stan, whats wrong?" she began to cry.


"Everything is fine, you heard the doctor, its okay, dont worry" he reassured her.


After a 15 minute break from pushing, Karen was back to doing it again.


"Just three more times, Mrs. Walker" the doctor told her.


"I cant. I cant push anymore. Stanley, I cant do this!" Karen screamed.


Will and Grace stood nearby holding each others hand, worried for Karen. Jack was on Karen's opposite side from Stan.


Though it took every bit of the strength she had, Karen managed to push five more times until she finally brought her new daughter into the world.


When Grace saw the baby, she immediately put her hand over her mouth and turned to put her head into Will's shoulder. "Oh no, no, please no" Will begged.


Jack looked at Stan, the expression on his face was of shock and disbelief. Stan looked just as worried.


"I'm sorry" the doctor insisted, in shock himself. "I am so sorry"


Karen looked up at Stan and Jack with panic, "What is he talking about?" She looked over to Will who was holding Grace. She could hear her crying and knew immediately what had happened.


"No" she shouted. "No, Stan, please tell me no!"


Stan couldnt speak, he didn't know what to say. Neither did Jack. Karen put her hands in her face so that no one could see her as she began to cry. Yet it wasn't something she could even attempt to hide. Stan sat next to her on the bed and held her in his arms. Jack sat on the other side, taking her hand into his. To see Karen so hurt broke their hearts.


After they had now moved Karen into her own room, they decided to go in individually, letting Stan go first. As he stepped through the doors he could still see the hurt in Karen's eyes. He knew exactly how she felt because he was going through the same thing. He tried to smile as he sat next to her on the bed. Once again he knew not what he should say so he simply pulled her into his arms and held her as tight as he could. Before he could tell her he was sorry he felt her body start trembling and could hear her crying. "I'm so sorry" was the only thing he could mutter through his own tears. After staying by her side for almost an hour, he decided to let Will and Grace have their turn. They had decided to go in together because neither knew what to do in the situation. As they stepped into the room, they could feel emptiness. "Hey, Kare" Grace said softly.


"Hi, Grace. Hi Wilma" she said with the only smile she could manage to try and make.


They eased closer to Karen. Grace leaned over and kissed her forehead. "Are you okay?" she asked, knowing clearly that Karen wasnt.


"I'll be fine, dont worry" she answered back.


"Oh, sweetie" Grace said, beginning to cry.


"Hey, hey, honey, its okay" Karen said hugging Grace while hiding her own emotions in order to comfort her.


"We know how hard this must be for you, Karen" Will shortly added. "If you need anything at all, just let us know."


"Thanks you guys. I love you" Karen said softly.


Grace then pulled away from Karen and grabbed her hands, "We love you, too"


"Thats right "Will agreed as the two walked out the door, Jack entering as they exited.


"Hey there, Karebear" he smiled.


"Hi poodle" she replied.


Jack sat down by Karen and took her hand. "You know what, I love you" he said with a big smile.


"I know. I love you, too" she told Jack.


Jack began caressing Karens hand. "How are you feeling?" he asked.


"Okay I guess," she said with a small smile.


Jack knew she was hurt and knew just how hard this was for her. He also knew how Karen didnt like anyone knowing when she was upset. "Listen Kare, you dont have to hide your feelings from me. He told her. I know how hard this has been for you and its okay to cry, no one is going to think any less of you."


Jacks words were so sweet to Karen. She leaned over to give him a small hug and replied "I know, Jackie. I know." With this, Jack decided he should probably go ahead and join Will, Grace, and Stan in the lobby to give Karen some time alone. After joining the other three, they decided to go home, all except for Stan who was staying with Karen for the night.


Stan entered back into Karen's room to find her lying on the bed asleep. He walked over to her side and kissed her lightly on the forehead. Her eyes slowly opened as she looked up at Stan. "Hi sweetheart," Stan said softly pushing Karens hair out of her face. "Go back to sleep, you need your rest."


"No, wait. Stanley, I want to talk to you about something." She said with a low voice.


"Okay, I'm listening." He told her with a smile.


"I, I know that things didnt go with this baby as we had planned. And I know that it has been so hard on us. It all happened so quickly. Before I could even look at my own daughter she was gone." Karen said starting to cry.


"Sweetie...Sweetheart, listen, you dont have to talk about this right now." Stan told her, not wanting her to worry with it because he knew how hard it had been already.


"No, please, just listen." Karen said to him, "I know we didnt get to keep this little girl with us, but now that I know what its like to want to have a baby and to actually have one. Stan, I want a baby. I dont want to adopt, I want to have it on my own. I already loved that little baby, Stan. I loved her with all my heart. And I know another baby isnt going to replace her but I want a baby, Stan. I want to be a mother."


Stan looked at his wife who was now holding her face in her hands. He gently removed her hands and took her face into his own hands. As he wiped the tears away from her eyes he explained, "Honey, if you want a baby, I will give you a baby. Just give it time though. Take the time to relax and get yourself well-rested before you decide to have another and then I promise, we can try again."


Karen looked at Stan with the only smile she could manage to make. He gave her a quick kiss and told her to get some rest; that he would be right by her side if she needed anything. With this she laid her head back onto the pillow and said softly, "I love you" before closing her eyes.


"I love you, too." Stan said with a smile.


The rest of the night was peaceful. Neither of the two got much sleep. First of all, they were in a hospital and second of all, they still had the tragic thoughts of their loss on their minds. As the morning crept in, Will, Grace, and Jack all came back to see how Karen had been. They had never seen her without her hair fixed or any make-up on before but when they walked through those doors and saw her face, they saw the real beauty of Karen Walker. Her skin so white and soft, with a beautiful smile attached. She was told she would be able to leave the hospital later that day and had already started preparing for everything to be ready when it was time to leave. Stan was nearby in the chair by Karen's bed still asleep.


"Hi, Kare" Jack said in a low voice.


"Hi poodle" she replied.


"Whos your daddy?" he questioned with a smile.


"You are." She said smiling back.


Will and Grace were relieved that Karen seemed to be doing better. And though she was still very hurt and upset, she was learning to deal with her loss.


"Hey, Karen." Grace said; Will following with the same words.


"I get to come home today." Karen explained, "so I'm just getting things ready to go. Listen, could you guys take this out to the limo?"


"Sure," Jack responded. They each grabbed a different suitcase and walked out the doors. Karen walked over to Stanley who was still lying in the chair. She sat in his lap and gave him a small kiss on the top of the head then put her arms around his neck. He could feel the touch of her hands and immediately woke up.


"What happened? Are you okay? Whats wrong?" he asked, a little shocked.


"Nothing, honey, everything is fine. I just wanted to let you know we can go home." She answered.


Stan soon stood up from the chair and gathered the rest of Karen's things for her. Will, Grace, and Jack all decided on their way back to stop into the small gift store by the lobby to get Karen a small gift. After Stan had taken the rest of the things to the limo, he came back up to get Karen who was now released to go home.


"So, are you ready?" he asked her.


"Yeah" she whispered back softly.


"Are you okay?" he asked with a worried look on his face.


"Yeah, I'll, um, be down in a minute, okay?" she reassured him.


Although he was worried about her, Stan went ahead and left Karen alone in the room. Before leaving she walked over to where they had already set the small baby bed that had been setting in the corner. She gently picked up one of the baby blankets out of the bed and held it up to her heart, holding it as tight as she could. As she slowly reopened her eyes she looked out the window and up into the sky; "goodbye" she whispered, starting to feel the tears forming in her eyes. Just then Stan walked back in, shocking Karen who quickly jumped and turned around. "Awwwww, sweetheart, come here," he sighed seeing the blanket in her hand and the tears in her eyes. She walked over to him as he pulled her into his arms and held her as tight as she had the blanket.


"Lets go," he told her with a look of confidence on his face. "Lets get out of here."


She shook her head in agreement as the two walked hand in hand out of the room. "I want to start over," she whispered to him before they reached Will, Grace, and Jack who had been waiting by the limo. "Yeah, I want to start over..." she continued. Stan looked at her with a bright smile across his face; he admired his wife so much for being so strong. Jack opened the door to the limo to let Karen in, followed by Stan. He, Will, and Grace joined them inside where Karen and Stan told them their plans of having another baby soon. As the Walker's arrived at home, the other three decided to let them be alone. Karen and Stan walked into their large penthouse which had been decorated in 'Congratulations!' banners and 'Its a Girl!' balloons. The workers at the mansion did not yet know about the loss of their baby.


"Awwww, how sweet." Karen said with a faint smile on her face.


"Are you okay?" asked Stan, worried that the decorations may have upset her.


"I'm fine," she continued with a reassuring look in her eyes. "I love you." She whispered turning around to hug him.


"I love you, too" he told her, holding her in his arms once again.


She looked up at him with a smile on her face and took his hand into hers as the two walked up the stairs until you could no longer see them from the bottom.


{Scene Fades to black}



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