Will & Grace Fan Fiction
The Hospital Show

A different twist to the ending of the episode "The Hospital Show" from Season 2. Jack walks in on Karen rather than Grace.
Written by Tiffany Groves


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After Karen had made everyone suffer for what they had done by making them do the things they absolutely would have refused to do in other situations, she returned to the hospital room.  The doctor comes in soon after with an envelope that had Stans things in it.  As the doctor leaves, Karen begins to go through the envelope.  Though she tries to make true the fact that Karen Walker does not do emotions, she cant.  Tears start to fill her eyes as she glances through the envelope.  No matter how hard she tried, she couldnt keep it inside.  She began to cry, mumbling "Stanley Walker, you and your pudgy little fingers."  She knew it was no use now, she couldnt stop crying.  Just then the door flies open, it is Jack coming in to apologize.  Karen turns her head so that he cant see her crying but its no use.  He already knew. 
"Karen, I-Im so sorry, Ill leave." Jack said.
"No, no, honey, please stay with me."
He knew she was scared, hed never seen his best friend this way.  Jack walked over to Karen and put his hands on her shoulders.  "Come on, tell Jackie whats wrong."
"Oh, poodle," Karen said as she turned around and laid her head on Jack's shoulder, crying so hard she could barely speak.  "Honey, Im so scared.  What if-if I lost Stan? What would I do?"
"Kare-bear, its okay. Stan's just fine" Jack explained.
"Sure he is now, but what if he hadn't been? What would I have done? I never knew how much I really loved him until now. Oh, honey, I don't think I could make it without him." Karen said through her tears.
"Awww, you know you always have me.  Besides, why worry with things like that? Stan's going to be here for a long time, you don't have to worry about him going anywhere." Jack said trying to make Karen feel better.
Karen stood there with her arms wrapped around Jack's neck, crying into his shoulder.  Jack knew she just needed to be held, to have someone's shoulder to cry on. 
Just then, Will and Grace walked into the room. Karen had her back towards them so she never knew they even came in.  Jack shook his head and motioned them to walk back out, knowing Karen didnt want anyone to see her this way.  Will and Grace quietly backed out of the room and Jack returned his attention to Karen.
Outside the room, Will and Grace sat back on the couch in the waiting room.  Rosario walked in through the elevator doors and noticed the guilty look on their faces.
"What is this all about?" Rosario asked. "Feeling guilty about the bet?"
Grace looked at Will. They both felt terrible for what they had done earlier.
"Rosie, she's in there crying, right now" Will explained.  "We just feel like weve caused it, making that bet on who she will turn to for her emotional breakdown.  We never really gave her the chance to come to us. We mainly played with her emotions and of all times we done it now, when she really did need someone."
Rosario then felt guilty herself.  "Well, I might as well go in and apologize to her."
"No, no." Grace said. "Dont, we went in earlier to apologize but thats when we found her in Jack's arms.  She doesnt want any of us to see her the way she is right now, she'd rather be left alone".
"But I'm her Rosie" Rosario started to protest. "Well, I guess you are right. She needs Jack right now more than us."
Back in the hospital room, Jack had calmed Karen down, who now only had a few tears on her face.  Jack looked down to check on her, making sure she was okay.
"Karen, I'm really sorry about what we all did earlier. It was wrong. We didnt mean any harm by it. I guess we didnt realize how hurt you really were because we were too worried about money. I'm sorry." Jack told her as he had his arms wrapped around her, rubbing her back.
"Its okay, poodle. I know you didnt mean anything by it. When it comes to money, you know how it messes with the mind. I just want you to know, Jack, money isnt everything. You're only truly rich when you have love." Karen replied.
"Karen, wow, you've learned something, Jack said, looking a little shocked.
Oh, honey, I guess I've always known it, it just took something like this to make me take it seriously.  I love you, poodle."                      
"I love you too, sweetie."
With that being said, Karen looked up at Jack and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.  She laid her head back on his shoulder as he leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. 
Hoping it was safe to come in, Will, Grace, and Rosario walked into the room.  Karen raised her head, this time hearing them enter.
"Hi, Karen," Grace stated, "look, we're all really sorry about what we did, is there anything we can do?"
"Yeah, we didn't mean to hurt you in any way."  Said Will.
"Its okay, Karen replied, you dont have to apologize."
Jack let go of Karen as she walked over to hug Grace, and yes, even Will.  She looked at Rosario. "My Rosie," she said smiling.
"You know I love you," Rosario smiled back giving Karen a hug.
"Well, if everyone is ready, I think I would like to go home now." Karen said. "I need to do a little something for Stan before he comes home."
Will, Grace, Rosario, and Jack all started to walk out the door. Karen followed but before leaving, she told them to go ahead, she needed to talk to Stan.
"Want me to come with you?" Jack asked,
"No, no, I'll be fine, I would like to talk to him alone." Karen insisted.
The gang walked into the open door of the elevator and Karen walked into another room to find Stan.  She walked in to his dark room, leaned down and kissed him.
"Oh, Stan, I love you. She shakily said, I'll miss you, and I'll be waiting for you." She was now crying again, but she had said what she needed to. She walked out the door, pulled herself together, and walked into an empty elevator, watching Stans room until the elevator door closed shut.
(Here the scene fades, the show ends)