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Everyone Has Their Moments

Jack's new love interest isn't as lovely as he thought. Yet when Karen tries to warn Jack and pull him into safety, an argument soon erupts that lasts for what seems forever to each.


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SETTING: Grace Adler Designs

Karen Walker was seated at her desk flipping through a magazine, when her friend Jack ran into the office tripping over her bag and landing at her feet.

"Oh my god, Kare..I have met the man of my dreams, Mr. Right, perfect lover" Jack said all at once, as he lifted himself of the ground.

"Honey, you said that last week."

"Yeah, but this week I am sure, he's the one Kare. The one I am going to make my wife"

Jack hugged her quickly and ran back out the door. Karen looked back down at her magazine and began to read again as if nothing had happened.


Karen was once again reading through a magazine when Jack entered arm in arm with a tall, dark, attractive male.

"Karen, this is Caleb!" Jack said enthusiastically.

"It's a pleasure to meet you miss Karen" He said as he kissed her hand. Karen took an instant dislike to him.

"Whoa. Back off, lover boy..!" She said as she extracted her hand.

"Karen..." Jack hissed.

"Jackie, I have an appointment in 20 minutes, I have to go. It was lovely meeting you Karen." Caleb said in a hurry as he exited the door. Jack just looked on with a wide grin on his face.

"Oh, Karen, isn't he just perfect?!"

"Yeah honey; a little too perfect."

Jack looked at her surprised, "What do you mean?"

"Well, I don't know, honey, I just didn't like him that's all."

Jack looked shocked, "How can you not like him, he is funny and gorgeous and intelligent and gorgeous and he as a sense of humor and is gorgeous."

"Look honey, he is a fake, 'oh it's a pleasure to meet you miss Karen...' ahhhh, honey, come on."

"He was just trying to be nice Karen." He replied getting a little angry.

"Yeah right honey"

"Why can't you ever just like a guy I date? There is always something wrong with them and I am sick of it! You don't even try to be nice or attempt to get along with them." He said in a huff as he walked out.

Karen was left stunned at his sudden out burst and suddenly felt a little guilty. Maybe she was wrong about Caleb.


Karen was walking down to the limo when she spotted someone familiar out of the corner of her eye. It was Caleb and Jack "No, hang on, that's not Jack." She thought to herself. She walked over to get a better look, and saw Caleb seated next to some other guy, both sitting close to each other. "Maybe it was his brother or something..." she continued thinking. "Whoops, definitely not the brother," she thought as she watched them kiss. "Oh no, poor Jack"

She then jumped as someone tapped her on the shoulder; she turned and realized it was Grace. She must have noticed her on the way to the cab.

"Karen, what are you doing?" She asked curiously.

"Umm nothing honey, just thought I saw someone I knew, but I didn't!" She replied hurriedly as she went to walk away.

"Karen, do you really expect me to believe that? That you would stop and say hello to someone in the street, come on spill it. What were you looking at?"

"Oh honey, I just saw Jack's new mankissing some kid on the corner."

"Wow, poor Jack. Does he know?"

"No, and I am not telling him."

"Karen, you have to tell him." Grace exclaimed as they both began the walk back to the limo.

"I can't honey, Jack is already mad at me, cause I didn't like the guy in the first place. He won't believe me."

"Sure he will, Karen. Jack is your friend and he knows you wouldn't make up something like that."

"Really, you think?" Karen asked.


"Okay then. Hey honey, you want a lift?"

"That'd be great!"


Karen had decided to go up for a drink before she headed home. They had just exited the elevator when they heard music coming from Jack's apartment.

"Now is your chance. You should tell him."

"Oh, honey, I don't know..."

"You have to tell him Karen."

Karen walked hesitantly to the door and knocked lightly. Jack answered in a matter of seconds.

"Oh, hi Karen,"

"Hey honey, how you doin?"

"I am fine, what are you doing here?"

"Can I come in?"

Jack stood out of the way and let her enter.

"Honey, I have some bad news."

"What is it?"

"You might want to sit down." Jack took a seat and Karen sat on the coffee table in front of him.

"Karen, what is it? He asked again more forcefully.

"I saw Caleb today...." She started.

"Yeah ...and?"

"I saw him with another guy." She finished quickly. "I am sorry, honey." She said leaning forward to touch his hand.

"I don't believe you....you're lying Karen." He said angrily as he stood up.

"I am not lying Jack, I saw him kiss another guy." Karen replied as she stood up also.

"God Karen, why can't you just be happy for me? I mean I know you didn't like him but  I never thought you would stoop this low."

"Jackie, I swear I am not making this up." Karen said, now angry herself.

"Just get out!" Jack yelled at her.

"FINE! But I am not making this up. I can't believe you would even think that. I am your friend, Jack; I thought I was your best friend in fact. But if you want to be like this then, FINE!" She yelled back as she walked out and slammed the door behind her.


Jack was so angry with Karen. He couldn't understand why his best friend would want to lie to him. Karen herself was infuriated as well. She walked into Will & Grace's apartment and threw her purse on the couch with a strong force. The look on her face made it clear to Grace that Jack didn't take the news well.


"I take it things didnt go well?" Grace asked.


"I told you! He didn't believe me, I knew he wouldn't! And then you tell me (in an impersonating voice) 'Karen, you have to tell him. Karen, he needs to know.' Blah, blah, blah. I knew I shouldn't have listened to you."


"Whoa, whoa whoa. Don't go blaming me."


Will was clueless; he had absolutely no idea what was going on. "Excuse me, could someone fill me in here?" he asked.


"Well, Jack met this guy named Caleb and Karen saw him cheating on Jack. So when she tried to tell Jack, since she already told him she didn't like the guy as soon as she met him, Jack thought she was lying just to separate the two." Grace answered.


"Nevermind, don't want to get into it," Will joked.


"Oh, shut up, Wilma!" Karen screamed. "I'm going home."


With that Karen walked out the doors and headed towards her mansion. The whole way home she couldn't help but think about her poodle. She felt so awful, like part of her was missing. Back in Jack's apartment, he felt the same. Why was this relationship with Caleb affection his relationship with Karen so much? He quickly picked up the phone to dial Karen's phone number. After only two rings, she answered.


"Karen?" Jack asked.


"Oh, poodle, I'm so sorry."


"No, its okay. I'm sorry."


"Sweetie, I just thought you should know. I didn't want to see you get hurt."


"What? You still expect me to believe that? Karen, just stop with it already!"


"But Jack..."


"I called because I thought maybe you would feel bad by now but I guess I was wrong. Just stay out of my life, Karen, okay? If you can't be happy for me then I don't want you to be a part of my life anymore!" Jack quickly interrupted, then disconnected their conversation without giving Karen a chance to respond.


"Ah!" Karen retorted. "How dare him!" It was then that she realized what he had actually said. He didn't want Karen to be a part of his life anymore. No longer would they share the special bond they always had. Tears filled Karen's eyes before she knew it. "My Jackie's gone." She whispered.


Will & Graces Apartment


Jack ran through the doors and slammed it behind him. "I can't believe her!" he screamed.


"Who? Karen? Jack..." Grace asked.


"Yes. You wouldn't believe what lengths this woman has went through to turn me against Caleb. All for her own sake; for her own entertainment!"


"Jack, whoa, wait. I know for a fact Karen isn't lying. I was there today, I saw what she saw. She isn't lying, Jack. I can't believe YOU. Do you think Karen would actually lie to you? Yes, she can be mean at times but has she ever done anything to you before?? Think about it, Jack. You're the unbelievable one."


Jack didn't like Graces reply at all. He stomped out the door and back to his apartment. Once he got through the doors he sat alone in his bedroom. Thoughts ran through his head; it was then that he remembered what Grace had said to him before he left. For the first time he realized that although Karen was disrespectful to many others, she had never been disrespectful to Jack in any way. Never before had she lied to him nor turned against him even when he was wrong. Yet he still didnt want to believe what she had said about Caleb. Maybe she just thought it was Caleb he thought to himself. He called Karen's cell phone for a second time. This time there was no answer. He tried again, this time calling the mansion.


"Walker residence," Rosario answered.


"Rosie, where's Karen? I really need to talk to her."


"Hang on.  Mrs. Karen ...telephone"


"Karen Walker speaking"


"Karen, I'm so sorry."  Jack tried to apologize.


"I don't want to talk to you"


"No, Karen, listen. I really am. I know you wouldn't lie to me, I was just so mad. But I think I know what happened, you just saw someone that you thought was Caleb."


Karen was in disbelief. "Jack, I can not believe you still dont believe me. Do you have any idea what I have given up for you?" she said as Jack could now hear her quiet sniffles. "You hurt me, Jack. If you can't believe me, then I am sorry. And if, just because you think I am lying to you, you want to end what we had, then it obviously didn't mean that much to you in the first place."


"Oh my gosh, are you crying?? Karen, I am so sorry. I didn't know I hurt you so badly." Jack said, knowing that if Karen was in tears he must have truly hurt her. "I'll do anything to make it up to you. I'll give you a massage you know, the ones you love so much. I'll french kiss you in the elevators; we always have fun doing that, right?"


"I don't think so, Jack." She replied. "I don't think you understand. You hurt me. You gave up our friendship over something you only thought was a lie. That's not a friendship, Jack. Maybe you're right. We don't need to be in one anothers lives anymore."


Though it broke her heart to say this to him, and though she didnt want it to be true, she thought that it may be the best solution.


"Karen, I..." Jack started to say.


"Goodbye, Poodle." Karen said beginning to cry.


"Karen, no! Don't..." he realized it was no use. She had already hung the phone up. Jack's eyes soon filled with tears. As he sat and thought about what had just happened, he too began to cry.


At the Walkers Residence


Rosario could hear sounds of crying coming from Karen's bedroom.


"Mrs. Karen?" Rosario questioned as she quietly opened the door.


Karen quickly wiped the tears from her eyes, yet hid her face so that Rosario couldn't see that she had been crying. "Yes?"


Rosario cleared her throat. "I just wanted to know if you were okay."


"Oh, yes, honey, I'm fine." She said as cheerful as possible.


"Then look at me." Rosario said, knowing for certain Karen wouldn't.


"No, I ...I have something wrong with my neck. I can't turn it."


"Okay then, I will just come sit on that side of you."


"No!" Karen said quickly. "There's something wrong with the bed. No one can sit on this side of it."


"Give up it, lady. I know you're crying."


Karen raised her head, still looking away from Rosario, and made her oh-so-famous shocked face. "You do not! I don't cry, woman!"


"Then look at me"


"I already told you, I can't."


Rosario walked quietly over to Karen so that she wouldn't notice she was behind her. She quickly pinched her causing Karen to jump up from the bed.


"Ah, ha! I told you you were crying!"


"So what? I was crying, big deal. But only because I lost $10,000 on the streets earlier."


"You did not" Rosario responded. "What happened to you and Jack? You haven't said a word to anyone since you've been home and thats the last place you were at. Then he calls here and I come in to find you crying; spill it, chica."


Karen gave Rosario an evil look, then sighed and walked back over to sit on the bed. "He met this guy who I knew was suspicious but when I tried to warn him he wouldn't listen. Then I caught this guy with another man. When I tried to tell Jackie, he wouldn't believe me. So we got into a fight and..." Karen began telling the story. "My poodle's gone." She explained, her voice breaking.


"Hey, what is this? Actual feelings from the lady of darkness?" Rosario asked jokingly.


Karen didn't respond. Rosario knew she was hurting and that she did, indeed, really miss Jack. She pulled Karen over to her and held her in her arms, allowing her to set her emotions free into her shoulder.


Will & Graces Apartment


Will and Grace were continuing their days as if nothing had happened. Jack walked in, clearly upset. "Hi guys" he whispered softly.


"Hi, Jack" Will said, seeming to ignore Jack's hints that he was upset.


"Well, well, look who's back" Grace said.


"Yeah, um, so what are you guys doing?" he asked as he started to cry.


Will looked at Grace; both confused. "Jack?" Grace asked.


Jack sat on the couch and placed his face in his hands.


"Sweetheart, what's wrong?" Grace asked sympathetically as she walked over to sit near by Jack.


"She hates me, Grace. I told her I was sorry, she didn't listen. She doesn't want to talk to me."


Grace looked at Will as she held Jack in her arms. "I'm so sorry, sweetie." She didn't know what else to say. She, nor Will, ever thought anything like this would happen between Jack and Karen.


Will and Grace assured Jack that everything would be okay. They waited until they knew it was safe to leave him on his own then scurried their way to Karen's.



As they entered into the Walker mansion, the house was quiet. Not a sound could be heard, only that of Karen's servant in the left wing of the house.


As they step up the stairs they can hear the voice of Rosario "It's okay, shhh, it's okay"


They draw closer to the noise when they realize it is coming from Karen's bedroom. They quietly open the door to find Karen's in Rosario's arms.


Neither hear the two walk in. Grace quietly walks over to Rosario and Karen, "Karen?"


Karen rises up out of Rosario's arms. "I'll be on my way" Rosario said as she left the room


Karen sat there in silence staring directly to the floor. Grace looked at Will; they both knew what was wrong.


"Sweetie," Grace said as she pushed Karen's hair behind her ears, "everything is going to be okay"


Karen looked at Grace and asked angrily, "How can you say that? You don't know how hard this is. You don't know how mad he is." Grace stopped Karen before she could continue.


"Listen, we just got back from Jack's. He is so miserable without you and look at you, you're just as miserable as he is...


"What?" Karen asked.


"Yes, how can you think he wouldn't be?? He's been crying all day long." Will jumped in


Grace and Will talk to Karen and finally talk her into coming over to their apartment "just for drinks" or so she thinks. When they arrive she notices there is no sound coming from Jack's apartment. She automatically assumes he is out. Will walks Karen into the apartment when he hears Grace calling for him outside in the hall. "Excuse me" he says as he runs out and right over to Jack's apartment


"Jack, Jack, come here! Go look who's inside our apartment!" Grace screamed sounding excited.


Jack runs out and right into the apartment; behind him Will and Grace slam the door. Karen turns around to see what all the excitement is about. Her face is overcome with shock and disbelief. She sat her martini on the table and turned to face the wall, crossing her arms.

Jack is just as shocked


After standing in uncomfortable silence Jack turns around and sits on the couch. "Karen, I..."


Karen turns around to face him "What?" she asks showing no emotion


"Nothing" Jack replied, not knowing how to say he was sorry.


"Didn't think so"


"Karen, don't do this. I'm sorry, okay? I said it I'm sorry"


Karen looks at Jack now in a more sympathetic way


"Look, I should have believed you. I shouldn't have called you a liar. I know you would never do that to me. But I love him so much, Karen. And for you not to approve of him, that hurts."


Karen's face was now starting to reveal how upset she really was. She tried focusing on things around the room so her mind would wonder in other places and she wouldn't get emotional


"Well, I guess that's all I can say." Jack said attempting to give up


Jack stood up and walked towards the door, before he could get his hand on the handle he heard a silent voice ..."Jack?"


He looked up and turned around to see Karen staring at him through tears.


"Don't leave me" she said softly


Jack couldn't believe Karen was actually as upset as himself. He walked over to her and grabbed her arms. "I'm not going to leave you, Karen. I never will. I just thought you wouldn't forgive me over this because you didn't seem to want to but..."  Karen looked up into Jack's eyes "Oh poodle, I'm so sorry"

Jack pulls Karen to him and holds her in his arms. "No, I'm sorry."


Karen wraps her arms around Jack's neck and holds him as tight as she can, resting her head on his shoulder. He too holds her with all his strength.  For the past week both had been so miserable, so alone, and so scared. The only place they ever knew to go for comfort was to each other but lately thats the one thing neither had.


Will and Grace quietly peaked inside their apartment to see the two holding one another closely. They decided to give them their privacy and walked over to Jack's apartment. Meanwhile back in their own, Jack and Karen were seated beside one another on the couch talking out their differences. Though Jack was upset about the fact that Caleb had cheated on him, he knew Karen wouldn't lie.


Karen finally convinced him Jack he should go ahead and break things off with Caleb. "I'll be with you sweetie, I promise." She reassured him.


The two met with Caleb at a small coffee shop in downtown New York. Karen sat at a separate table and let the two have their privacy.


"Listen, Caleb, I know you've been cheating on me. That hurts, that really hurts. You were the only guy I think I could say I honestly loved. I cared so much for you. You were the perfect guy for me but I just can't be with someone who wont return that love."


Caleb looked at Jack, stunned. "Well, I guess you're right. I'm just not ready to be in a serious relationship. You deserve someone special, not me. Goodbye, Jack." And with that, Caleb stood up and walked out the doors.


Karen walked over to Jack's table and placed her hand on his. "You okay, Jackie?" she asked, concerned.


"Yeah, I'm fine." He said starting to tear up.


"Awww, poodle. I'm so sorry." She reacted now hugging Jack and rubbing his back. "You're going to be okay. You'll be just fine, I promise."


Jack looked up at Karen with a half-smile on his face. As long as she saw the slightest sign of happiness showing through his very own eyes, she knew he could move on in no time. "Lets go, Jackie."


They stood up and hand in hand the two set out to view the outside world once again. Only this time, they were together.

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